Breakfast Meeting - November 30, 2016


Women Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) invites you to join the monthly meeting / breakfast meeting will be held Picks: 11/30/2016. Hall LAPF prevailing road Kijitonyama Torch. (Near the headlamp Science)

- Network of Business (Business Networking)
- TRA Will verify attendance TIN
- Platforms economically empower women
- SIMBA CEMENT - services they provide to facilitate citizens
- Education major markets (Market Meat
- Investment in Market refugees
- Word from numerous guests including donors
- Various reports and studies
- Others.

Please arrive without missing this important meeting.
* All who have reviewed TIN TIN are requested to come and to be able verified your day conference.
* Also come to sample your product.

Admission: five thousand (5,000 / =) for non-members.
* Members are free.

Money admission so come and it will be received at the door the day of the meeting.

For those who wish to become members on that day zitakuepo form and admission is currently:
A. Personally 50,000 / = and the annual fee 25,000 / =
B. Association, company or group 100,000 / = and the annual fee 50,000 / =

Please confirm by sending a full name before Monday Evening With these numbers 0684112311/0712444041