Our Services

  1. Capacity building to women entrepreneur’s through
    • Training in all business related issues
    • Advice women in business issues
    • Facilitates women access to finance
    • Help SMEs to acquire product standards
    • Share information with women entrepreneurs for market
  2. Advocacy – policy issues related to business environment to women.
  3. Enhancing women participation to business events and exhibition to learn, share experience and networking
  4. Sensitizing women operating informally to register their business
  5. Sensitizing women entrepreneurs on issues related to gender

How we offer services

  • Through organizing regular breakfast meeting for sharing business information, networking and experience sharing
  • By organizing market and promotion events for women learn from each other, exposure, show case their products and networking
  • By enhancing women participation in various business forum at national and international level
  • Mobilizing and encouraging women in the informal sector to join business Association so as to learn from each other, share information.
  • Linking women with financial institutions to access finance
  • Through lobbying and advocacy on behalf of our members and women in general on various policies, procedures, laws and other business matters
  • Information sharing through sms, phone calls, website, during meetings/business events/training and social media
  • By soliciting different opportunities for our members from different Trade Supporting Institutions, Our Partners, International and National Supporter and Government Institutions
  • Advising our members and women on business related issues
  • Through training on various business matters which involve women business. This include startup business, progress business especially on market access, export strategies as well as international trade procedures and opportunities.