Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) participated on EAC Regional exhibition for the purpose of assisting its members/women entrepreneurs to explore different business opportunities across the Regionas well as learning and experience sharing.


The exhibition this year took place in Lugogo Uma Ground located in Kampala, Uganda. TWCC through its program supported the participation of 27 women and few youth as well as other members who funded themselves in attending the exhibition. 10 women and youth supported through the program which TWCC is implementing in collaboration with SIDO on “enhancing women entrepreneur’s competitiveness and opportunities to benefit from Regional and international trade” with the support from UN WOMEN Tanzania, 10 women participated with the support of project on “capacity building to women cross border traders” which is being implemented by TWCC with the support from Trademark East Africa and 7 women attended with the support of "Local enterprises development program -T-LED" which TWCC is one of the implementing partners.

About the exhibition:
The EAC Jua kali/nguvukazi exhibition is the annually held event organized by the EAC secretariat, the five EAC states and the leadership of the East Africa Confederation of Informal Sector Organization-EA-CISO. The event is comprising of exhibition for micro and small Entrepreneurs which takes place annually rotating from one EAC partner state to the other. This was the fourth time for the Republic of Uganda to host the EAC Jua Kali/NguvuKazi exhibition where around 1000 exhibitors from the Region participated. The exhibition brings together artisans of all trades ranging from wood carving, furniture, pottery, food processing, textiles, leather, jewelry, traditional medicines and personal care products. The event was the 17th in a series that started in 1999 in Arusha, when the first such exhibition was held to coincide with the official signing of the treaty establishing the East African Community.

The objectives of the exhibition
1. To help micro and small entrepreneurs to exhibit their products to the public for the sake of exposing them to potential market
2. To bring together the artisans of East Africa for the purpose of opening a new market for their products
3. To help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs exchange of ideas and share technological innovations among others
4. To enhance social economic integration by enhancing business linkages in the Region 5. Facilitate EAC Government's recognition of the sector and its effective contribution in poverty alleviation 

The reason for TWCC participation was;
a. To Help women traders to exhibit their products to the public for the sake of exposing them to potential market within and outside the EAC Region
b. To assisst women traders  learn and share experience from each other during the exhibition
c. To enable women from Tanzania networking with other women from EAC partners states
d. To help Tanzania women traders to learn technological innovations from exhibitors from other countries.
e. To enable women, learn and get experience on crossing the border during travel to the exhibition hosting country
f.  Enhance recognition of what women are doing in Tanzania
g. Enhance TWCC visibility