As the project progresses into its second phase on Unlocking resilient, productivity and competitiveness of Women and Youth led MSMEs in Textile and Fashion Industry in East Africa through sustainable supply (fashion for Change Program Phase II) from GIZ through the Business Scouts for Development Program, Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) Continues to focus on empowering women through clusters and connecting them across the country to ensure women in the same sector have the opportunity to network, share experience and increase partnership along the value chain. In this phase, TWCC is expanding its reach to more women entrepreneurs in the textile, apparel, and fashion industry.

The project has already made significant progress towards its goals. This time it has targeted 40 women Companies in Tanzania and Uganda in a formalized textile, garments or apparel with the ambition to capture wider market who are continuing to receive capacity building training and have been enrolled in a mentorship program. The training program included both theoretical and practical sessions, as well as field visits to small and medium scale factories. Through the mentorship program, participants have been allocated to selected mentors for further guidance to ensure utilization of the knowledge and skills received through training. The mentors are also guided the participants during preparation of their collections, which they will showcase on the upcoming Dar es Salaam International trade fair (SabaSaba) 

The Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair Week event will provide an excellent platform for the 25 beneficiaries to showcase their products to potential customers, as well as to learn from successful textile fashion designers from across the region and beyond. The event also provided an opportunity for participants to network with other exhibitors and to share their experiences.


As the project continues, TWCC is also exploring opportunities to link beneficiaries with successful international fashion designers, both locally, regionally, and internationally, to share knowledge on how they have been able to sustain their businesses and access wider markets.



Through this project, TWCC and GIZ Business Scouts for development are playing a crucial role in building the capacity of women entrepreneurs in the textile, apparel, and fashion industry in Tanzania. By providing training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the project is enabling women to increase the quality of their products, access sustainable value chains in the textile business, know the latest trends for various categories of customers, and increase their competitiveness in the market. In doing so, the project has the potential to create jobs for millions of women and youth across the country and contribute to the growth of the textile and clothing sector in Tanzania.