Boresha Ujuzi

Project Overview

The Boresha Ujuzi project is a collaborative effort between the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) through the GOPA project. It aims to enhance the capabilities of women entrepreneurs in Tanzania's border regions, specifically targeting women informal cross-border traders in Tunduma and Kasumulu. The project seeks to equip these women with the necessary skills to establish sustainable businesses and effectively utilize market opportunities within the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The project falls under the SADC initiative to empower women and increase their participation in the industrialization process. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the personal development of these women and stimulate economic growth in the area.

Project Goals:
1. Provide training and professional advice to women entrepreneurs in border areas on production and preparation of high-quality products.
2. Build their capacity to trade in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) markets.
3. Promote value addition to agricultural products for women entrepreneurs.

Expected Outcomes:
1. Improved quality of products produced by women entrepreneurs.
2. Increased understanding and skills of women entrepreneurs in SADC markets.
3. Increased income and profits for women entrepreneurs.
4. Enhanced capacity of women entrepreneurs to participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions.
5. Fostered collaboration and networking among women entrepreneurs and other
stakeholders in the agriculture and business sectors.

Through the Boresha Ujuzi project, TWCC and GIZ believe that women entrepreneurs can significantly contribute to the economic development of Tanzania's border regions and improve their own lives and those of their communities.