Celebrating Women’s Excellence: Highlights from the 4th Tanzania Women Industrial Awards 2024

Celebrating Women’s Excellence: Highlights from the 4th Tanzania Women Industrial Awards 2024

Celebrating Women’s Excellence: Highlights from the 4th Tanzania Women Industrial Awards 2024

The Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC), in partnership with TradeMark Africa, proudly organized the 4th Tanzania Women Industrial Awards 2024, held on March 16, 2024, at The Super Dome TZ in Dar es Salaam.

With over 700 attendees, this prestigious event celebrated the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs and business leaders across diverse sectors, recognizing their unwavering commitment to economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development in Tanzania.Under the theme “Positioning Women at the Centre of Sustainable Development Agenda,” the event was part of TWCC’s annual commemoration of International Women’s Day.

The 4th Tanzania Women Industrial Awards Event was a resounding success, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit among emerging women leaders and honoring those who have invested in diverse industries.The awards provided a platform for showcasing ingenious goods, services, and innovations created by women entrepreneurs. From groundbreaking startups to established enterprises, the Tanzania Women Industrial Awards recognized excellence across various sectors.

The ceremony was attended by businesswomen, senior government officials, the diplomatic community, development partners, TWCC regional members, and a range of business and PSO leaders.

Ms. Mwajuma Hamza, CEO of TWCC, expressed her pride in the accomplishments of Tanzanian women entrepreneurs: “Our vision is to empower women to lead, innovate, and drive economic progress. The Tanzania Women Industrial Awards exemplify the resilience, creativity, and impact of our businesswomen. They are not just contributors; they are trailblazers shaping Tanzania’s economic landscape.”

TWCC National Chairperson, Ms. Mercy Sila, shared her perspective: “The Tanzania Women Industrial Awards celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the triumphs of women who have broken barriers. We are proud to honor their contributions to our nation’s growth.”

The guest of honor, Prof. Kitila Mkumbo (MP), Minister for Planning and Investments, commended the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce: “Thank you to TWCC for recognizing and celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of women entrepreneurs. With dedication and innovation, we can work together to drive our economy forward.”

Mr. Elibariki Shammy, Country Director of TradeMark Africa, said: “In the pursuit of economic progress, women emerge as leaders for growth. Their unwavering dedication, resilience, and ingenuity contribute to the local and regional economies. TMA is to partner with TWCC to amplify women in leadership, celebrate their achievements, and nurture a forward-thinking business ecosystem for all.”

The event featured networking opportunities, knowledge exchange, and the well-deserved recognition of outstanding achievements in women entrepreneurship. As Tanzania continues its journey toward national industrialization, the role of women in driving innovation and sustainable development remains pivotal.

TWCC extends its gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters who made the Tanzania Women Industrial Awards 2024 a memorable and impactful occasion. The organization looks forward to continuing its mission of empowering women in business and fostering economic prosperity.

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