Collaboration in the exhibition is an important technique for entrepreneurs in promoting their business. A total of 1407 members were enabled by others to be funded to participate in various commercial exhibitions and conferences held locally and abroad.

Monthly meetings including an important part of empowering members to obtain a wide range of useful business information as well as exchange experience, advertising businesses as well as building a business network for a year.

In 2015 Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce officially opened social media where it has been largely supportive of access to information on members on time. Networks such as Whatsapp are the ones most used by more members than other networks. So far 80% of members are using social networks in contact, educating, advertising their businesses.

In ensuring members use a variety of methods to search for markets, the association in collaboration with other stakeholders has been able to create more than 300 members of the site. These sites are spending free for one year and start paying for it. The site is one of the ways to advertise a business for various buyers wherever they are in the world.