Project Title: Accelerating Youth Participation in Economic Opportunities through Youth-led Enterprises (Kijana na Biashara/Youth and Business)

The Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) aims to implement an intervention project in the Iringa region of Tanzania, focusing on empowering youth and youth-led enterprises. The project will provide capacity building, technical training, and exposure to platforms that facilitate access to economic resources. By enhancing the entrepreneurial environment and increasing financial and business opportunities, the project aims to accelerate the participation of 700 youth and youth-led enterprises in Iringa Region.



  1. Improve the entrepreneurial environment for youth and youth-led enterprises.
  2. Increase financial and business opportunities and services for youth and youth-led enterprises.
  3. Provide market linkage and business promotion support to youth-led enterprises.
  4. Establish a youth hub that offers business development services and marketing opportunities.
  5. Increase youth participation and enrollment in associations, mentorship programs, and incubation centers.

The project will also encourage experienced youth to deliver services and training to their peers, thereby increasing youth employment opportunities during and beyond the project.

By implementing this intervention project, TWCC aims to empower youth and youth-led enterprises in Iringa, Tanzania, fostering their active participation in the local economy and creating a sustainable pathway to economic success.