NatureRipe Kilimanjaro Ltd with the registration number of 40198  deals with producing different products such as mangoes, fruit seed-  ling, cashew nuts, cashew nut snuck bars, pickles, hot and sweet  sauces, honey, peanut butter, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as  fruit jams. Fatma managed to employ 17 male and 19 female employ-  ees with seven casual workers.


The aim of her company is to become recognized leaders in Africa  for fresh Tanzanian Fruits and savory snacks and to produce process  and export unique Tanzanian products. NatureRipe Kilimanjaro sells  around 50tons of cashew nuts and 120,000 bottles of sauces jam  20,000 and fruits 75 tons per year.

Her customer base includes business class, supermarkets and mini supermarkets. Corporate  clients. She does not export but rather she has individual customers who buy bulk for UAE, East  Africa and Australia markets.


Business annual turnover for the last financial year was 2 billion Tanzania Shillings. In the next five  to ten years, she plans to grow the company into all agro-processing activities. TWCC has contrib-  uted a lot in the business through networking and trainings, exposure to getting more information on  several working ideas as well as mentorship (getting Mentees and Mentors).