Unlocking the Resilience, Productivity And Competitiveness Of Women And YouthLed MSMEs In the textile and fashion industries in East Africa Through Sustainable Supply Chain

The week-long webinar on Sustainable Textile and Fashion Design, held from August 9th to August 17th, 2023, marked a significant step towards unlocking the potential of Women and Youth in the Textile and Fashion industries. Organized by TWCC with support from GIZ-Business Scouts for Development as a part of the Fashion for Change Program Phase II, the webinar aimed to enhance the industry’s sustainability practices, Human rights due diligence, and foster competitiveness.

Day 1: August 9th, 2023: Nurturing Design Skills with Affinity Designer

The webinar commenced with a foundational training session on technical drawings and tech packs, powered by Affinity Designer. Participants delved into the intricacies of creating detailed technical drawings and comprehensive tech packs, providing them with a robust foundation for the design process.


Day 2: August 10th, 2023: Crafting Brand Identity and Value

On the second day, the focus shifted to the core of any successful business: branding. Experts elucidated the importance of defining Unique Selling Points (USPs) and establishing a strong brand identity. Participants gained insights into how a compelling corporate design and value-driven approach could elevate their businesses in a competitive market.

Day 3: August 15th, 2023: Sustainability in Production and Supply Chain

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, the webinar continued on August 15th, addressing environmentally friendly materials and sustainable supply chain practices. Renowned speakers shared practical strategies to integrate eco-friendly materials into production processes, reducing the industry’s ecological footprint.


Before the sessions, the participants had a feedback session on the homework that they were given to work on their brand book. See the photo below.



Day 4: August 17th, 2023 Tailoring Sustainability for the East African Market

The fourth day of the webinar explored the unique challenges and opportunities of promoting sustainability in the East African market. Industry expert shared valuable insights into aligning sustainable practices with regional preferences and market demands, fostering a more sustainable fashion ecosystem. Here participants gained ideas on how to make their company more sustainable where they discovered the secret of producing less upfront, increase creativity and innovation with pre used materials to upcycle also they were given knowledge on core values of the East African Market.

They had an interactive session where each participant was able to share their personal experience with how their companies are being sustainable and how they can be more sustainable. See the picture below of different feedbacks.



Day 4 Afternoon Session: August 17th, 2023: Upholding Human Rights due diligence in the Industry

The importance of ethical considerations came into focus on the final day, where the discussion revolved around human rights due diligence in the textile, garments, and fashion industry. The participants gained a deeper understanding of ensuring fair labor practices, thus contributing to a more responsible industry and also core challenges regarding workers safety and pays.

The collaborative effort between TWCC and GIZ, embodied through the “Fashion for Change Program Phase II” webinar series, has set a transformative precedent in the Tanzania Textile and Fashion Industry. By nurturing innovation, sustainability, and ethical paradigms, this initiative propels aspiring entrepreneurs toward a future of responsible fashion. As knowledge reverberates and practices evolve, Women and Youth creative landscape stands on the brink of a more vibrant, ethical, and prosperous tomorrow.

They had a discussion on the takeaways from the session and what they anticipate working on in their companies. See the below photo.

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